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    Punching machine
    SD-2500S Two-core round Cable Plug Insert MachineSD-2500S Two-core round Cable Plug Insert Machine
    Three functions of stripping of exterior and interior wires and punching in one, completed once for all. Equipped with automatic material feed system, accidents from punching can be prevented. It improves output and it is being safe and environmentally friendly. SMC air cylinder are available to be customized if special request.

    Applicable cable: 
    H03VV-F two-core round cable,H03RR-F two-core round cable,H03RN-F two-core round; H05VV-F two-core round cable; H05RN-F two-core round cable .(The above are applicable for models with size between 0.75 m2-1.0 m2 )

    Two-core round Cable Plug Insert Machine
    Model SD-2500S Pressure connection speed 1800-2000PCS/h
    Punching force 3T Voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Weight 545KG
    Dimension 1170mm*770mm*1550mm
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