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    Punching machine
    SD-1800S Two Flat Pin Plug Crimping MachineSD-1800S Two Flat Pin Plug Crimping Machine
    This machine adopts vibration plate terminal automatic feeding node, compensating for the low production effect of manual production. The terminal punch-down connecting machine uses energy-saving frequency conversion motor control, with stable performance, with one-time completion of wore stripping, automatic feeding, punch-down connecting. Thus labor is reduced and productivity is increased.

    Applicable cable:RVV/2C。

    Air pressureTwo Flat Pin Plug Crimping Machine
    Model SD-1800S Pressure connection speed 1800-2000PCS/h
    Punching force 3T Voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Wire stripping size 20mm-60mm Internal stripping size 3mm-12mm
    Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Weight 433KG
    Dimension 1170mm*770mm*1550mm
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