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    Industry News
    Germany Dusseldorf International Wire & Cable & wire fair 2016
    Source: Time:2016.05.09 Number:
    Exhibition time: April 4, 2016 -8
    Organizer: Germany Dusseldorf exhibition company
    Exhibition cycle: two years
    Venue: Dusseldorf International Exhibition Center
    Exhibition introduction:
    Germany Dusseldorf international pipes and wires Exhibition (Tube&Wire 2016) by German Messe Dusseldorf organized, every two years, held a session, so far, more than 30 years of history, the exhibition scale, professional zinc, covering a wide range of, is the most influential international steel tube and wire in the field of exhibition. According to the statistics of the authorities of the exhibition, 2014 exhibition attracted including two parts, pipe, wire and a total of about more than 2500 exhibitors, exhibition total net area of more than 108000 square meters, exhibitors were ushered in the 104 countries 72000 visitors come to visit. The two largest global industry event. In the exhibition, the audience came to watch the audience to observe the latest machinery, equipment and products and solutions in the field of wire and pipe processing. 2014 wire exhibition, held at the 9-12 Museum and 15-17 Museum, the exhibition area of Yuezhanda 58500 square meters, an increase of 2% compared to 2012. A total of more than 1300 companies from 54 countries went to Dusseldorf to participate in this exhibition.
    Exhibits range:
    1, pipe: pipe materials, iron and steel tubes and accessories, stainless steel pipe and accessories, non-ferrous metal pipes and accessories, welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, plastic pipe, tubing, pipe, flow control of the church, gas pipeline, pipe structure, pipe fittings, joints and connections, three, elbow, flange, pipe processing, manufacturing and molding machinery, processing equipment, automation equipment, testing equipment and so on.
    2, cable: cable (cable), processing and manufacturing machinery, equipment and materials, power cable, control cable, insulating materials; spring and fastening parts processing and manufacturing machinery, welding technology and equipment, wire and cable fiber products and accessories, connectors and auxiliary equipment, cable related fields, measurement and control technology and products.