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    Industry News
    2015 UL global wire and cable forum and the second international wire and cable Exhibition
    Source: Time:2016.05.07 Number:
    Time: May 28, 2015 -30 days
    Location: Dongguan Houjie - Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
    Booth No.: E118
    1000 exhibitors, more than 20000 professional buyers, invites you to participate!
    Sponsor: the United States UL company, Guangdong modern exhibition center, Greater China wire and Cable Association
    Organizer: ostrich exhibition, Humen information transmission cable Association, Southern China good view electric wire & cable City
    Support unit: China Electronics Group twenty-three Institute, Yuyao wire and Cable Association, Dongguan wire and Cable Association
    American UL Power Asia wire and cable quality brand global business expansion
    2015 UL the 2nd International Wire and cable exhibition is sponsored by the United States UL (Underwiters laboratories, Inc.), Humen, Dongguan City, information transmission cable Association jointly organized the international event, the communication cable and connection Association (CCCA) International Wire & Cable Industry Conference (IWCS), the world cable (wire) world and other related professional organizations support. The exhibition to UL as a platform, different from other domestic cable show mainly in the information transfer, but the main information transactions. Invites a wide range of overseas manufacturers of cable, wire and cable of the purchaser, international retailers, traders and dealers to visit, purchase, create an export based wire and cable exhibition, for wire and cable supplier provides the development of business opportunities in the globalization.
    Analysis of this exhibition highlights
    The world's top wire and cable and wire products manufacturers;
    ] organizers invited Vietnam, India, Europe and the United States and from more than 10 countries and regions, wire and cable professional purchasing groups of customers to visit;
    The American company UL global 18000 accurate customer resource sharing;
    - China Cable Association and the Humen Association of the whole information transmission cable support;
    - held professional UL forum and product launches;
    Modern facilities and services - new;
    The decision-making power of high-quality professional audience and buyers;
    The online audience (QQ, WeChat public number, online registration, mail) pre registration, time-saving, convenient and quick;
    ] the whole network coverage, precision marketing, added the official micro channel public number, at any time to master the exhibition can be updated dynamically, 24 hours of a professional customer docking.
    Exhibits range:
    The wire and cable production equipment
    The wire cable processing equipment
    The wire and cable testing instrument
    The wire and cable automation equipment
    The wire and cable, optical fiber connector and terminal manufacturers
    - cable materials and accessories